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BONE - Bone Version 2

Hello Supporters!

Today is a very exciting day as the second version of Bone is now complete. Over the winter break I was able to get a 3d printer that would allow me to rapidly prototype and recreate Bone. Various problems and inconveniences have now been fix and streamlined, it now is a very simple system to setup and launch. The YouTube in this post shows what the setup is like. The new system is very modular and easy to use, it also doesn't have thin connectors ( before wires would break here ).

The Bone App has also been created and allows an easy system to launch the rocket and also read any telemetry data while the rocket is on the pad. This will allow me to diagnose problems on the pad quickly, instead of bringing everything back inside and connecting up to a computer.

The first launch this year is imminent, however I currently have a lot going on with school and another project in the works.

Thank you guys for your continuous support!

​ Josh

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