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Personal Projects

I really enjoy taking on new, challenging projects that allow me to further my knowledge and allow me to explore new heights. Listed below are my three most favourite personal projects, some of which I'm still working on to this day.

Blayone Rocket Project

Project Manager, Engineer, Developer 

The main goal of the Blayone Rocket Project is to create a TVC model rocket that successfully launches itself into the air, maintains a stable flight pattern on its ascent, and is able to deploy the parachute systems when returning to earth. 


Indian Head Grad Fundraiser 

Full-Stack Developer

The Indian Head Graduation Fundraising website was created with the goal of helping collect funds to host the Indian Head High School Graduation at Mosaic Stadium. The website was successful in fundraising $5000.


Self Taught A.I. Playing Dinosaur Game


There were two elements to creating this project. First, I had to recreate the Google Chrome Dinosaur game in python. Second, I had to then code in a NEAT A.I. that over time would learn how to play the game.

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