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Jan - Apr 2021

Software Engineer


Mississauga, ON

• Used Flutter to develop a cross-platform mobile chat application for use in Senior Care Facilities.

• Worked on improving and adding new functionality to the integration test framework.

• Added new UI elements and features to the application, as well as creating automation tests for them.

• Leveraged the Scrum framework to effectively manage the workflow and maximize productivity.

2017 - 2021

Videographer & Video Editor


Record, edit, and release videos.

  • Made same-day videos for multiple weddings

  • Produced commercials for Indian Head Chrysler

  • Produced promotions for the Town of Indian Head

  • Created a fund raising video for the Indian Head Skatepark that won a $50,000 grant

Indian Head, SK

2017 - 2021

IT Technician

On-Call for the Wooden Nickel Saloon

Troubleshoot any computer related issues. Install any new technical hardware and properly set it up. On call support.

Indian Head, SK

2015 - 2021

Website Designer


Put together websites for clients.


  • RM of Indian Head (

  • IH Heritage Club (doesn't exist anymore)

  • Town of Bsaytah (

  • Sharron Labatt (

  • IH Grad Fundraiser (

Indian Head, SK


2021 - 2026

University of Waterloo

Bachelor of Applied Science

Mechatronics Engineering

Waterloo, ON

2015 - 2021

Indian Head High School

High School Diploma

Indian Head, SK

Professional skillset

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Project Planning

Teamwork & Collaboration

Problem Solver


English (native)

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